One Word Sunday


This is a common sight in this part of Ontario in the summer and autumn, a fire in a fire pit. In this case the pit is an old wheel rim in a back yard.

People sit around their fire pits in the evening. The theory being that the smoke helps keep the mosquitoes away. Although they always manage to find me regardless of the smoke.

Posted as my contribution to One Word Sunday: Fire.

One Word Sunday: Fire

21 replies on “Fire”

Thanks Jackie. It was a bit of a grab shot, there was some ugly, white plastic chairs behind the fire pit so I had to frame the shot to catch the flames and avoid the chairs.

I’m that person also – there can be 10 people around me, and the bugs find ME. My mom apparently had the same skin chemistry – bugs like me, but they loved her – and she would swell up in huge welts from the bites sometimes. A BEAUTIFUL shot, David. I’m glad you braved the bugs. 😉

Thanks Hannah. It does seem to be a family issue, my father reacts badly to mosquito bites. I used to react badly but have now had so many mosquito bites that they barely register with me.

Yes, that was what would happen with my mom with certain bug bites. This was in the 50’s, when women were expected to wear stockings every time they left the house. Getting the stockings on over the boils was painful. I think as a little girl I said, “Mom, stop!!! Just don’t wear stockings!”
And Blackfly bites are terrible, as are horse fly bites. I don’t think you can develop an immunity to those.

It was a quick, grab shot. There was a white plastic chair and various other things behind the fire pit so I had to frame the shot to to avoid it.

If I recall correctly there wasn’t any flames in the other side of the fire pit so it was an obvious composition.

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