One Word Sunday


This female Common Merganser has made a section of the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline her home since arriving in the spring. She found a mate and raised a brood of young, one of which is riding on her back.

The young have to grow big and strong enough to head south for the winter before Colpoy’s Bay freezes over.

This is my take on the One Word Sunday challenge Home.

One Word Sunday: Home

17 replies on “Home”

They’re an interesting species. They nest in cavities and in tree trunks, the female carries the recently hatched young to the water in her bill. They also form creches with a single female looking after multiple broods.

O, man! BEAUTIFUL! De grote meeuwen vreten die eendenkuikens in één hap op: Ik zie het voor me neus gebeuren, hier in de Kostverlorenvaart, en die kuikentjes zijn nog te zwak-en-te-klein om de wal op de vliegen en die meeuwen weten dat … In Amsterdam worden die eendenkuikentjes amper een weekje oud … En, die moeder … Amsterdam, 25-11-2019, 18.30 uur … * *

They’re quite common in this part of Ontario although I don’t know what percentage of young survive in some locations. There’s a lot of predators capable of taking a duckling in some areas.

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