Cosmic Photo Challenge: Blurred

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Blurred.

A selection of blurred images covering over 30 years.

Motion blurred clouds over Colpoy’s Bay due to a sixty second exposure at dawn.

Six Word Saturday, a sixty second exposure at dawn.


A blurred Fuchsia flower taken using a soft focus filter and high speed film.

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Fuzzy.


Motion blurred motorcycle racing during the night in the Le Mans 24 hour motorcycle race.

Motion at night.


Motion blurred tree trunks created by vertically panning the camera during exposure.

Abstract tree trunks.

14 thoughts on “Cosmic Photo Challenge: Blurred”

    1. Thanks Dale. The trees were from last year. I’m not sure if the clouds were from last year or early this year without checking but they were both recent shots.


    1. Thanks Marie. I was going to experiment with the technique more in the autumn with the autumn leaves but never seemed to find the time.


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