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Friendly Friday: Future

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Future.

This challenge got me thinking about the changes I have made to the camera equipment I use recently. Having had a accident early in the spring that left me with restricted movement in the right shoulder and a weaker right arm I started looking at smaller and lighter equipment when I got out of rehab.

For a lot of my personal work over the past six months I have been using a small mirrorless camera body and three manual focus primes. I recently added a different mirrorless camera, also small and light. All my manual focus prime lenses will adapt to either camera.

My photo equipment future is smaller and lighter mirrorless cameras and manual focus prime lenses.

A giant yellow butterfly garden ornament. The background was almost monochromatic so a selective colour treatment was an obvious editing choice. Taken with a 50mm CCTV lens adapted to fit a Sony a6000 camera.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Future


A late summer sunrise over Colpoy’s Bay and the Niagara Escarpment. Taken with an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II and Samyang 12mm lens.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Future


Ivy leaves and Lichen on a tree trunk. Taken with a Sony a6000 and 7artisans 55mm lens.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Future


Some autumn Maple leaves. Taken with an Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark II and 7artisans 55mm lens.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Future

22 replies on “Friendly Friday: Future”

Thanks Pam. I have lots of shots of the ivy on that tree. It’s close to home so I normally pass it whichever way I head when out for a walk. It’s become a regular test subject for the various lenses adapted to the cameras.

I like all
Four I man this future post – but especially the Ivy, tree, lichen – for the clarity and the way it connects to future – a lot of life right there in that symbiotic relationship – but life force in all four too

Well I just read Pam’s comment and noticed she liked the ivy pic too- and the others are great but maybe that tree one is extra original too!
Ya know where we don’t see it all the time.
And the lighter gear was a good idea…
Did you know I was in a minor car accident in June – and all healed up now – but I never carried gear so no worries on that part – I use a phone and small cannon

My camera gear has been getting progressively lighter for a while. In the film era I used backpacks to carry the gear. I was up to 30 lbs at one point. My early days of digital saw it reduced to a shoulder weighing around 10 lbs.

Some of the big telephoto lenses can weight 12 lbs and for a while I carried a 300mm and a 600mm plus half a dozen other lenses and multiple camera bodies. One camera body for each film type/speed.

A lighter future sounds reasonable – and how fun to explore new options, right? 🙂 I’m just an amateur, but cameras these days are getting so versatile and our views on photography, editing, and the likes are getting stirred around…

I’m really enjoying getting “back to basics” as I call it. Shooting with a small selection of manual focus lenses takes me back to my early years of shooting film.

I am sorry you were involved in an accident earlier this year. I am glad you are enjoying exploring with different options and going back to the basics. All of us who are newer to photography deeply appreciate it!
Best wishes, Takami

It’s a wild bird, a European Robin. There’s was some bird food below the lens, the Robin would land on the lens before going to the food.

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