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Friendly Friday: Christmas Preparations

When this week’s Friendly Friday Photo Challenge was posted I was working on my Christmas card for 2019. Rather appropriate for the Christmas Preparations challenge.

I always make a double sided card with a vertical image on one side and a horizontal image on the other. That gives people the option of choosing which photo to display and allowing them to stand or hang the card in either orientation.

The vertical shot on this year’s card, an Eastern Chipmunk posing in the grass.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Christmas Preparations


The horizontal shot on this year’s card, a hodgepodge of tree trunks in the autumn.

Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Christmas Preparations

5 replies on “Friendly Friday: Christmas Preparations”

Oops, sorry. It’s an Eastern Chipmunk. Probably related to the Gophers and Ground Squirrels although I’m not sure how closely related. I had better go and edit the post to include what it is.

Thank you. The green is late spring grass. It either gets darker if we have a wet spring and early summer or it dies and turns brown if we have a hot, dry summer.

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