Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Showcase Yourself

This is my contribution to the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Showcase Yourself.

Having been taking photos for over 40 years I had a few ideas for the challenge and changed my plans for the post several times. Eventually I decided to pick one image from each decade.

Storm clouds and light beams over Loch Arkaig, Scotland in 1985. After 3 days of rain it stopped for a while.

Tuesday Photo Challenge - Vista


Male and female American Avocets on a slough near Punnichy, Saskatchewan, Canada in 1995. I spent an hour with the birds, the only sighting of the species I have had.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Showcase Yourself


An Osprey with a White Sucker on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario, Canada in 2008. I went down to the shoreline for the sunrise and stayed for a while checking out what birds were around.

Flying Osprey with flying fish.


Rainbow over a barn on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada in 2017. The rain was too heavy to stop for a shot of the rainbow over some trees in their autumn colour. A quarter mile later the rain had eased off enough to stop.

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Lines

14 replies on “Cosmic Photo Challenge: Showcase Yourself”

I can only imagine the archives you have – after four decades – and while I do love long posts and even told Jez I was grateful that he once felt free to put like ten photos in a post – and while I love those posts – I have to say that in this case – four (one each decade) was perfect –

I have recently started trying to limit myself to no more than four photos in a post. I was getting into a habit of adding another photo and some posts were getting a little long.

Yeah – mine are still longer than I want / but i am
Trying — at least on a Regular basis want to be manageable – and then maybe once In a while indulge – but it also depends on content – sometimes 8 photos fit – sometimes 4 dense ones are better

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