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Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: The Tree

This is my contribution to the Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: The Tree.

Having decided to ignore the obvious theme, the Christmas tree, I had a couple of ideas for the challenge before remembering the remains of a tree in a reservoir in south Cheshire.

It only became visible when the water level dropped but when it appeared it was popular with the birds.

A pair of Mallard hanging out on the remains.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: The Tree


A Common Coot standing on it.

Weekly Prompts Photo Challenge: The Tree


A Canada Goose doing Tai Chi on it.

A Canada Goose having a stretch.


A juvenile Grey Heron on it. The bird is watching something closely.

Is that food?


Some winter plumage Black-headed Gulls on and around it.

Winter plumage Black-headed Gulls.

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Oh, I love your response, David. My initial thoughts for my own blog were nothing to do with Christmas either, but then I got sidetracked!

We have a reservoir near us, a whole village was flooded to create it, and when there is a drought and the water level extremely low the church steeple is visible.
Happy Christmas, David. 🙂

Thanks Sue. I remember posting a bird species on the tree remains previously and thinking that I should do a post about the various species on the remains.

The reservoir fills with water from a canal overflow and is on a junction of the Shropshire Union Canal. There’s a water treatment plant next to the reservoir which I assume was built at the same time at the reservoir banks were constructed.

It’s only a small reservoir supplying two local towns and surrounding area as far as I know. I suspect that someone realised that the overflow from a branch of the canal would make a reliable source of water if they built a reservoir and treatment plant.

In the winter there can be 20,000+ Gulls using the reservoir as their toilet, bathroom and bedroom as it’s a major inland roost. That’s when you hope the water treatment plant in running at peak performance.

I just read about an uncovered treated reservoir in Oregon, someone Urinated in the water so they emptied it completely, uncovered treated water worries me!
See what you did? You had me researching!

As we’re out in a rural area we’re on a well but I assume that the town water is covered although it tastes disgusting compared to our well water.

Never had water from a well! We are mains water but septic tank. We don’t have gas either, too expensive to bring up to us. But we have good high speed broadband! So all is good!

I like your choices for this. It’s fun, and educational, to pick a place and see how many creatures come to that spot. Season’s greetings.

Thanks Graham. I remember using a photo of a bird on the remains of the tree in a post and thinking I should write a post about the tree remains. I then forgot about it until this prompt reminded me.

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