Monthly Squares

January Squares: Backlight

Returning home from photographing a sunrise I spotted these two Sandhill Cranes in a hay field. Backlit by the low sun I had to stop and take some photos of the birds.

This is my contribution for day seven of Becky’s January Squares: Light photo challenge.

January Squares: Backlight

11 replies on “January Squares: Backlight”

oh wow now that’s Crane photography I am still aspiring to! My one experience was amazing but not great photography wise, one of these days I will capture something half as good as this I hope

Thanks Becky. There’s a few breeding pairs around here most summers but they’re not guaranteed in a hay field at the side of the road. Often you can hear them calling somewhere in the distance.

When I lived in Saskatchewan the area was a stopover/staging area for Sandhill Cranes on autumn migration so flocks in the hundreds wasn’t unusual.

They’re always nice to see. I hear them calling regularly once they arrive in the spring but some years I don’t have many sightings of them.

Thanks. Sandhill Cranes breed across a lot of Canada and the U.S. Hearing them calling when they return in the spring is one of my favourite signs of spring.

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