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January Squares: Flashlight

A bit of a cheat, as a Brit I’ve always called them torches but if you say torch to someone in North America they think of mobs with pitchforks and flaming torches.

For day nine of Becky’s January Squares: Light photo challenge I went with a flashlight.

This is a small flashlight clipped to the strap of a camera bag. I keep one clipped to the strap of each of the bags I use regularly. They’re useful for finding my way when heading out an hour or so before sunrise. Then when I get to a location in the dark I can unclip it from the bag if I need to check something in the dark.

January Squares: Flashlight

6 replies on “January Squares: Flashlight”

Yes, I was using one in the summer when I missed a local Black Bear by seconds. It was breaking into the garbage shed as I was heading up the driveway for the sunrise.

In the dark anyway. You wouldn’t be able too see if it was a female with a cub or cubs. In daylight we chase them away from the bird feeders.

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