One Word Sunday


I thought of this photo as soon as I read the prompt for One Word Sunday: Change.

Taken in early November almost two weeks before the winter solstice we had already had snow for over a week. I thought the photo was an example of the change of season with autumn leaves and winter snow.

Then I realised that there was a second change involved. It’s the tenth photo taken with my Sony a6000, the first Sony I have used. The lens used was my Olympus 35mm from the 1980s.

One Word Sunday: Change

13 replies on “Change”

It was. I haven’t been outside yet today. We were under a variety of weather warnings yesterday and were getting freezing rain and ice pellets yesterday and overnight. I’m a little surprised that we still have power.

Thanks, I’m hoping it will as the various warnings have all been ended now so in theory we’re over the worst of it.

We were supposed to have a great weather change this weekend, lots of rain, which we had, and then lots of snow, which we didn’t. I imagine most people are happy. I wouldn’t have minded a good amount of snow for tramping on in the park tomorrow morning. 🙂 Lovely photo.


We keep getting snow followed by thaws. This weekend we had freezing rain followed by about 3 inches of ice pellets and now it’s snowing on top of the ice.

We had plenty of warning so were prepared. I have the weather network on the TV at the moment. There’s a lot more ice from the freezing rain to the south of us with reports of up to an inch of ice build up in places.

With the strange winter we’re getting we had 18 hours of light rain before it turned to freezing rain. But the worst of it missed us. There’s roads closed due to either flooding or trees and power lines brought down by the ice from the freezing rain to the south and east of us.

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