Monthly Squares

January Squares: Hoarfrost by Backlight

For day 12 of Becky’s January Squares: Light photo challenge I went with backlight.

A backlit branch covered in hoarfrost in Marbury Country Park, Northwich, Cheshire, England. Taken while on a winter field trip with the Nantwich Natural History Society.

January Squares: Hoarfrost by Backlight

27 replies on “January Squares: Hoarfrost by Backlight”

One of the best places to be for canal adventures . . . I haven’t done the whole Cheshire Ring but done various routes around there 🙂

One of the people I was at art school with lived on the canal just south of Chester. His parents brought a hull from a boatyard so his father could fit it out himself. But before he fitted it out we took it around the Cheshire Ring sleeping on the floor in sleeping bags.

Fantastic . . . . . you were probably closer to the original way of life on those boats than your friend’s family were after the fitting

A rudimentary one if I remember correctly. We had explained that we were going to be roughing it before they agreed to go along but it didn’t stop the complaints. After a while I said something about all the complaining and things were better after that, once they started speaking to me again.

I’m still in touch with two of the four. It was three of the four until a few years ago when one of the guys just disappeared

Oh yes, and one of the girls now lives in France and moved into an old farmhouse after Christmas with the intention of living in it while they do it up.

She may not need reminding, there was a comment along those lines when she posted a photo of the house on Instagram.

Hi, David. Interesting light and texture in this shot. The contrast against the darker background brings out more of the color and details. But the top part gives it context. Intriguing!

If I had had more time I would probably have tried a lot of variations. I would normally also be using a tripod but as part of a group didn’t take one.

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