Monthly Squares

January Squares: Hummingbird in Flight

This is my day 13 contribution to Becky’s January Squares: Light photo challenge and day one of my five day sequence of Flight photos.

An immature Ruby-throated Hummingbird in flight on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario in the summer.

January Squares: Hummingbird in Flight

22 replies on “January Squares: Hummingbird in Flight”

Your photography is incredible David. I have only tried a couple of times but just got blurred shots of humming birds . . one of these days I will see them again and will try again, and will have this fantastic image in mind to aim for. Even MrB just went wow when i showed him!

Thanks Becky. I’m afraid I couldn’t tell you what camera settings I used without checking the EXIF on the file. I always keep the ISO low and as I’m using an old, manual focus telephoto the camera is set to aperture priority.

Don’t worry . . if I am ever somewhere I am likely to see them again I will do some research in advance to make sure the camera is on the right setting! Last time I was so excited about seeing them I wasn’t really thinking about what I should be doing with the camera.

The oldest shot in my sequence dates back to the 1980s so by the time digital capture came along I had a method that worked for me.

As always great birding photos is about having the right methodology and lots of practice for the bird in question. Waders, finches and many others we regularly see in Portugal now have sorted, and even vultures I am happy with, but hummingbirds I have only seen twice . . . .

ooh yes another excellent point . . .it is the main reason MrB and I prefer to walk just the two of us as even with those who are interested in nature we have noticed all too often there is too much talking!

Once I really thought about it I realised that I could have done a week of just Gulls and Terns so tried to go with as wide a variety as possible over five days.

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