One Word Sunday


I had put a pair of scissors down on the studio table with the studio lights still on and noticed the various curves and liked the orange handles against the black background so decided to take some shots.

This shot was taken with the 7artisans 35mm lens wide open at f/1.2 and is my contribution to the One Word Sunday challenge Curve.

One Word Sunday: Curve

12 replies on “Curve”

Thanks Debbie. It was the orange on the black that caught my eye so I swapped lenses and took some shots. This is the first shot just as I first saw the scissors. The later shots where I repositioned them and tried different angles just didn’t work for me.

What is cool
About this photo is the way your mind sees shape and beauty in the everyday functional items!
The color on the black is intriguing – and after seeing this I got to thinking about this old pair of stainless steel scissors we have. They are early 1900s and still work- anyhow – the photo here reminds me as to how far we have come with scissors –
Ergonomics – material – colors – etc

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