Monthly Squares

January Squares: Pillar of Sunlight

Technically it’s correctly known as a sun pillar but pillar of sunlight was to good an opportunity to miss for day 21 of Becky’s January Squares: Light photo challenge.

Sun pillars form when there are suitably aligned ice crystals suspended in the air at sunrise or sunset. This rather large sun pillar formed behind Chantry Island on Lake Huron, Ontario shortly after sunset. I had been photographing the interesting layers of  cloud with a telephoto lens when the sun pillar formed so was ready for it.

January Squares: Pillar of Sunlight

12 replies on “January Squares: Pillar of Sunlight”

Thanks Becky. I didn’t remember if I had used it for an October Lines square with the bands of cloud in the sky but that never occurred to me until I had posted this.

Thanks. I thought about it for the challenge when making digital copies of some slides of a winter sunrise in Saskatchewan, Canada. I noticed a weak sun pillar in the sky that I hadn’t been aware of.

Thanks. It was a spectacular sun pillar. I have since found older photos from Saskatchewan with weak sun pillars that I hadn’t noticed when taking the photos.

I don’t know if I noticed them at the time and didn’t know what they were or if I didn’t notice them with being busy taking photos and changing compositions.

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