Becky's Squares

January Squares: Polarised-light

This is my day 23 contribution to Becky’s January Squares: Light photo challenge and another fake, hyphenated word.

These are Sodium Thiosulfate crystals photographed through a microscope using polarised light. I should also note that I edited the text twice, changing the s in polarised to a z and then back to s. I’m a Brit and the photo was taken in England so it’s s.

January Squares: Polarised-light

10 replies on “January Squares: Polarised-light”

I sometimes wonder if the English (U.K.) setting on this tablet is in reality Canadian English as Canadians seem to randomly use either the U.K. or U.S. spelling.

I was going to say ‘How amazing!’ too. US/UK spellings often puzzle me, and even UK/UK ones sometimes do. For example, is it dreamt or dreamed? I once found a site where you could see some of the variant spellings mapped out. It suggested that usage is not so fixed and clear cut across time and geography as I had imagined.

Thanks Susan. I still have trouble with learnt or learned. It also doesn’t help that in Canada they randomly use either the U.K. or U.S. spelling and sometimes the Canadian name for something depends on the province you’re in.

Our troubles are signs of the history of the English language working itself out in and through us. I think the -t version is the older one and we are ‘allowed’ to use either. Sometimes it seems appropriate to write, even though I know my American readers will think it’s wrong, but other times it doesn’t.

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