One Word Sunday


I had checked this prompt and had a photo planned for the One Word Sunday: Plastic challenge. I was going to photograph the small spirit (bubble) level I have been carrying in various camera bags for decades and using to level cameras on tripods.

I hadn’t even got the level out of the bag when I noticed the colour of the blue water bottle sitting on the table. I knew there was a second, purple, water bottle in the fridge so decided to change my plan for the challenge. As it turned out, this image ties in with Debbie’s One Word Sunday photo.

The reason for my change of direction was to make a point. These two water bottles have each been refilled hundreds of times. We never buy bottled water even though there seems to be a good recycling system in place in this part of Ontario.

That’s because I read that while one of the producers of bottled water was claiming that 70-75% of plastic water bottles are recycled in Ontario a non-profit organization that challenges corporate and government claims estimates only 14% are recycled. Another group estimate 1 billion plastic bottles end up in Ontario landfills each year.

One Word Sunday: Plastic

13 replies on “Plastic”

A beautiful shot, David, and a very important message.
I believe the more depressing numbers on recycling – too many people end up chucking there bites into garbage. And even if it gets to recycling, what impact does that massive job itself have on our environment?!
Refill is the best answer

Thanks Debbie. There’s another issue with recycling in Canada where the contents of the recycling bins from some businesses end up in the regular trash anyway. One national coffee shop chain was caught repeatedly dumping their “recyclable” coffee cups.

Watched an interesting show this week about our Canadian recycling program and how it really doesn’t work.

I must have missed it. I’m not sure if it really works efficiently anywhere. I suspect some of the European countries are more efficient, I can see Germany and Switzerland having good systems in place.

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