Monthly Squares

January Squares: Oak Tree by Moonlight

This is my day 28 contribution to Becky’s January Squares: Light photo challenge.

One of the earliest photos I have used for the January Squares. It dates back to the mid 1970s and was part of a slide presentation that got me a place at art school.

It shows a full moon shining through a gap in the branches of an Oak tree in Hatherton, Cheshire, England.

January Squares: Oak Tree by Moonlight

8 replies on “January Squares: Oak Tree by Moonlight”

In theory I can roughly calculate the focal length of the lens from the photo.. Every 1mm of diameter on the photo is 10mm of focal length. So 5mm on the original slide is a 50mm lens. A 35mm slide is 24mm wide so the sun/moon should occupy roughly a fifth of the wide of the frame with a 50mm standard lens. So yes, it must have been a wide angle lens.

Thanks Sue. I wanted to sneak it in before the end of the month as it got swapped out at least once when Becky used moon or moonlight.

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