Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Find Something Red

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Find Something Red.

One photo came to mind instantly, a freshly painted red post box in Faddiley, Cheshire, England. The chalked “Wet Paint” warning and the excess paint on the utility pole and hedge have always amused me.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Find Something Red


The next photo that came to mind was this red Maple leaf on a Lichen covered boulder on the South Bruce Peninsula last autumn.

Six Word Saturday: Red Maple Leaf on a Boulder


Then I thought about the giant red butterfly garden ornament I pass on some of my walks around the neighborhood.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Find Something Red


Finally I thought about various red species, birds, berries and fruit and remembered this extreme closeup of a Raspberry.

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Find Something Red

8 replies on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Find Something Red”

You can never go wrong with a letter box! But, the raspberry was shockingly close to my eye – at first I thought there were many of them!

I could probably have done a post of just post boxes but wanted to vary the photos up. Yes, the Raspberry is just a portion of a single fruit. I thought I would go with something different than a whole fruit or some red berries.

Thanks Patti. I don’t remember noticing the red paint on the hedge to the left of the post box until I edited the shot for the challenge. I get the impression that the painter used a broom rather than a paint brush.

Thanks Amy. I couldn’t leave the raspberry out of the Red challenge. After adding the raspberry I was tempted to add a male Purple Finch as I’ve often thought they should really be named the Raspberry Red Finch.

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