Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts: The Bridge

Having a few different bridges in my photo library I decided to go with a favourite for the Weekly Prompts: The Bridge challenge.

This is a lift bridge on the Llangollen branch of the Shropshire Union Canal in Wrenbury, Cheshire, England. One of three in the area designed by the Scottish civil engineer Thomas Telford in the 1790s.

A side view of the bridge with Wrenbury Mill beyond.

Weekly Prompts: The Bridge


A view of the bridge as seen by road users.

Weekly Prompts: The Bridge

10 replies on “Weekly Prompts: The Bridge”

To be honest, I don’t remember ever seeing the bridge raised. Even in the height of summer when the hire boat fleets are all out.

That’s unusual. As kids we used to play on the banks of the Leeds and Liverpool, we were forever opening and closing the swing bridge to give each other rides, until the adults came along and told us off!

Maybe because there’s a pub on one side of the bridge and Wrenbury Mill where there’s a hire fleet means that there’s too many adults around.

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