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January Squares: Range-light

This is my day 30 contribution to Becky’s January Squares: Light photo challenge and I’m back to hyphenating words together for the penultimate day.

This is the range light at the mouth of the Saugeen River in Southampton, Ontario at dawn. There are two of these lights on the river, the other is up the river a few hundred yards and higher. The two lights can be used to guide boats into the dock in the mouth of the river from out on Lake Huron.

January Squares: Range-light

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I went with range-light after Canadian Geographic called it a lighthouse on Instagram as they and the original photographer didn’t bother checking.

Does its light revolve or does it just face one way? I think the lighthouse I live opposite in the Algarve has more of a range-light function than an actual lighthouse as it doesn’t come on in fog only at night. However it does revolve.

It has a fixed, constant light as does the second. From what I understand you align the two lights to head for the dock. With the second light being higher I’m guessing you can judge distance to the dock by the distance between the two lights.

Just to confuse things, there is a lighthouse on Chantry Island about a mile and a half away. That flashes every 5 seconds and has a fog horn for foggy weather. I used a photo of the lighthouse early in the month, something like “Imperial Tower at Twilight” I seem to recall.

Yes I remember it . . I do love lighthouses. Interesting you mention the fog horn as that’s why I do not understand the one in the Algarve . . no fog horn.

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