Monthly Squares

January Squares: Last-light

This is my day 31 and therefore last contribution to Becky’s January Squares: Light photo challenge. A big thank you to Becky for running this fun challenge.

So I thought another made up, hyphenated title was in order to go with my post to start the month, First-light.

The sun sets over Lake Huron with Chantry Island on the horizon. Lake Huron is frozen and partially snow covered.

January Squares: Last-Light

7 replies on “January Squares: Last-light”

I meant to say the other day, was one of your posts a hint that April will be Bottoms? ☺ I can’t remember what made me think it.

lol!!! After the response to the elephant I was tempted to add in bottoms, but do have something else in mind for April . . .there again I may sneak it in!!

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