Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts: Home Crafts

The Weekly Prompts: Home Crafts challenge was rather well timed. The evening after the prompt was posted I was planning on getting my sewing kit out to make up a couple of straps for a camera.

I have plenty of experience making camera straps after designing and sewing prototype straps when I was working on carrying solutions for nature photographers with a specialist company in the mid 1990s.

I made up two straps for the camera, a conventional adjustable neck strap and a sling type strap seen here. This sling type is worn bandolier style with the camera hanging at my right hip. All my camera straps use snap hooks to attach to the camera. I replace the normal triangular strap attachments on a camera with round split rings so I can quickly connect and disconnect a strap.

Weekly Prompts: Home Crafts


After the straps were sewn and the photos taken I dumped my various sewing threads out for a more colourful shot. A lot of the colours seen here are an approximate match for camera bags and various other photo related items.

Weekly Prompts: Home Crafts


5 replies on “Weekly Prompts: Home Crafts”

I half expected you to post something but I felt certain you would share photos of your adapted personalised lenses!
Seeing straps never entered my head. Thank you, David 🙂

The adapted lenses never occurred to me. I’ve sewn all sorts of things over the years so some type of sewing would have been an option if I hadn’t been making a couple of camera straps up.

Yesterday using the iPad I typed your crochet is lovely, and just as I was about to click reply I noticed the word had changed to Crotch! I am so relieved that I spotted it! At least the computer behaves and asks me before changing the text.

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