Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts: Grey

I had a variety of ideas for a post when I read the Weekly Prompts challenge Grey.

They all revolved around one photo I thought of when I read the prompt so it was a matter of finding a theme to build a post around.

This is the photo that came to mind when I read the prompt. An immature Grey Heron in fog, or Grey in grey as I have thought of the shot since taking it. The fog was so thick it took me a while to focus on the bird. Taken on a reservoir in south Cheshire, England as are the other photos.

Weekly Prompts: Grey


The black and white pattern of feathers on the top and back of the birds head mean that this is an adult Grey Heron.

Weekly Prompts: Grey


Another immature Grey Heron in some interesting light. This time on the remains of a tree in the reservoir which only became visible when the water level was low.

Weekly Prompts: Grey


9 replies on “Weekly Prompts: Grey”

I can relate to that. I dread having to go out in the fig especially on Foggy evenings, we have no street lights on my lane.

I have to agree that the Foggy Heron is my favorite, simply because it is so unusual. But the adult Grey Heron is my second favorite. We don’t have the Grey Herons around here, and I love the color on his head!

Makes me think of the area in Washington DC that is called Foggy Bottom for very good reason. My younger adult daughter renamed in “Cloudy Bum.”

Thanks Hannah. We don’t have the Grey Heron in North America although it’s very similar to the North American Great Blue Heron. The Grey Heron is slightly smaller than the Great Blue Heron and doesn’t have the patches of brown feathers.

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