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Friendly Friday: Simple Joys

When considering the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Simple Joys prompt I remembered going down to the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline for the sunrise and the joy of being entertained by a Belted Kingfisher pretending to be a Barn Swallow by sitting on a power line along the road.

That made me wonder what the sunrise had been like and what else I had photographed that day. That then got me thinking about coming home from another sunrise and spotting two Sandhill Cranes in a hay field in nice early morning light.

That was on the 4th August 2018 so here’s a selection of simple joys from that day.


Colpoy's Bay and the Niagara Escarpment at dawn.

The simple joy of a section of the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline to myself for a 50 second exposure at dawn.


Fog and low cloud.

The simple joy of a black and white photo of the mist and low cloud over the Niagara Escarpment across the bay.


Sandhill Cranes at sunrise.

The simple joy of spotting these two Sandhill Cranes in a hay field coming home from the sunrise.


Male American Goldfinch.

The simple joy of setting up a camera in the yard to photograph this male American Goldfinch in its smart summer plumage.


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Thanks Sandy. Once I checked the date on the Sandhill Cranes photo and then the misty dawn shot from earlier that morning it was ìnevitable that I would go with that day.

Thank you. Once I checked the date for the photo of the Sandhill Cranes it was easy putting a post together around that day.

Prachtig, die Distelvink en vooral die Sandhill-kraanvogels … Ja, in Canada hebben ze iets aparts: Zandkreurige kraanvogels, die had ik nog nooit eerder gezien … Ja, dat is genieten in optima forma … Nee, kan niks tegenop …
David: “Slagroomgebak?”
Friet: “Help!!! Te veel calorieën!” Amsterdam, 9-2-2020 *

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