One Word Sunday


As a former scientific photographer my first thought when I read the One Word Sunday prompt Culture was of things growing on agar in a Petri dish.

One Word Sunday: Culture


That was followed by the thought of the live probiotic cultures growing in some yoghurt. Some people don’t like yoghurt so now you can get your probiotics as a daily supplement.

One Word Sunday: Culture


7 replies on “Culture”

Oh this is MARVELOUS, David. Of COURSE Petri dishes! Though I’m happier looking at *things* through a microscope, like cells, rather than cultures. And I knew about your wildlife photography, but hadn’t know about your scientific work. You have had a very interesting career. 🙂

Thanks Hannah. While I think about it, I seem to remember you wanting to track/know what photos you had used. I noticed the other day that if I’m on WordPress using the Chrome browser on this tablet there’s an option to download your media files to the computer. That may be an option, download everything to a WordPress folder. You can check in there to see if you have used an image and add images as you use them to the folder.

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