Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: From Above

When I read the Cosmic Photo Challenge: From Above prompt it was rather well timed.

I had recently been for a walk around the neighborhood with a camera and had picked up a pocket full of Pine cones from out of the snow. I had emptied my pocket onto the top of a kitchen cupboard to let the Pine cones dry out.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: From Above


While on the walk I had spotted this Maple leaf trapped in some tracks in the snow. By the size of the tracks and the stride length either a large dog or a Coyote made the tracks.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: From Above


To continue the From Above theme, while I had the camera set up above the kitchen cupboard I grabbed the nail brush from by the sink. The bristles make me think of bacteria through an electron microscope.

Cosmic Photo Challenge: From Above


9 replies on “Cosmic Photo Challenge: From Above”

Thanks Dale. That was part of the plan. I was hoping I had a second from above from the walk but unfortunately not and I didn’t want to go to the archives.

Oh we had snow on the 1st November but until recently it had been snowing/thawing every few days. I don’t think that the snowmobile trails have been open around here yet.

Ah. It’s fine. I could second guess my photos forever if I let myself. My compromise is that if a posted photo REALLY bothers me then I go back into the post and charge it. If not, I leave it and let it inform future shots.

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