Monochrome Monday

Monochrome Monday: 10th February 2020

Monochrome Monday travels back a couple of days. Having gone for a walk around the neighborhood earlier in the week I had picked up a pocket full of Pine cones that I had left on a kitchen cupboard to dry out.

I noticed how different the appearance of a Pine cone was depending on its direction in relation to the light from the kitchen window. I used a small reflector to bounce some of the window light back onto the Pine cones to fill in the shadows a little.

Monochrome Monday: 10th February 2020


7 replies on “Monochrome Monday: 10th February 2020”

Well, that would definitely make it more difficult!! Thinking of your previous pine cone post, I picked up a pine cone today that the strong wind had blown down prematurely. Only the tip of it had opened. I thought it would be a good subject for several micro shots, but we’ll see.

I don’t know why the ground was suddenly covered with pine cones last week unless some birds or a squirrel had been in the tree. I hadn’t seen any on the snow or ground on my previous walks.

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