Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Future

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Future.

The prompt got me thinking about some of the natural history subjects I have photographed over the years. Butterfly eggs that will hatch into caterpillars that in the future will pupate and emerge as a butterfly for example.

After coming up with quite a few different life cycles I remembered my photos of the various stages in the development of a Common Frog (Rana temporaria). Some of them were published in a school textbook to illustrate the life cycle.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Future

Multiple clumps of Common Frog spawn forms a large mass in a garden pond in Cheshire, England.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Future

After a while the eggs in the spawn hatch into tiny tadpoles a few millimetres long. Here, three tadpoles are clustered together on an egg.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Future

Over the following weeks the tadpoles grow enormously, this individual is now around 30 millimetres long. It won’t be long before this tadpole starts to develop legs.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Future

After a while the tadpoles develop legs, their tails shrink and they emerge from the water as tiny froglets.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Future

An adult Common Frog at the side of the garden pond where I photographed the frog spawn and this story started.


I skipped a few photos in an attempt to keep the post short.


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Thanks Tina. It all started when I thought about butterfly eggs becoming butterflies in the future but I thought the Common Frog was just as interesting.

Excellent take – their developing is so much fun! We always had new ones every Spring, and let them back in their little pool when grown up!

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