Six Word Saturday

Whitetail Deer at Dusk in Winter

Snow covered farmland, hoarfrost covered trees.

My contribution to Six Word Saturday.

Six Word Saturday: Whitetail Deer at Dusk in Winter

13 replies on “Whitetail Deer at Dusk in Winter”

Thanks Becky. It’s one from my archives. I’ve been going through my slide files digitizing as much as possible before they deteriorate further.

It is, there’s between 12,000 and 15,000 slides and a lot are natural history so I’m having to keyword the digital versions so I’ll be able to find particular shots. I’m also having to keyword the travel photos with street names as I can never remember them. Basically, anything captioned on the slide mount I’m having to keyword.

Thanks Debbie. Yes, keywording is key. Even more so with copies of slides as there’s no timeline. All my digital originals are filed by year/month but I can’t do that with the film copies.

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