Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Dark and the Light

When I read Dale’s prompt for the Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Dark and the Light I thought it was a good one.

Twenty four hours and half a dozen ideas for a post later I was having second thoughts about how good a prompt it was. In fact I started writing this having finally decided on a theme only to rethink it and change tack completely before going back to my first choice.

The Dark. Two photos of Black Terns taken as they fed over a road side marsh in Saskatchewan, Canada.

Twisting and turning.


Twisting and turning


The Light. Two photos of Common Terns mating on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario, Canada.

Two Common Terns


mating Common Terns


6 replies on “Cosmic Photo Challenge: The Dark and the Light”

Thanks Dale. Having had a few ideas for the challenge I decided to keep it simple in the end. Now I’ve posted other ideas have come to me, I thought of salt and pepper as I was typing this.

I actually set up a table top shot with small black and silver torches and after taking some photos I put them on the computer and they didn’t work for me so I didn’t bother editing any.

I thought it would be, I took shots with various combinations of the torches switched on and swapped the black torch for a dark blue anodized aluminium one but none of them worked for me.

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