Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Narrow

This is my contribution to the Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Narrow.

On reading the prompt my first thought was of canal narrowboats but I had used canals and narrowboats in a couple of posts recently so I decided to go with a different take on the challenge.

I started thinking about some of the narrow streets in some of the remaining medieval portions on some towns and cities. Which got me thinking about the city of Chester with its narrow streets and the city walls that are a mixture of Roman and Medieval construction.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Narrow

Eastgate Street looking towards Eastgate with the Eastgate Clock on top.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Narrow

This is the walkway across Eastgate and under the Eastgate Clock.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Narrow

Walk under the clock and along the wall you come to the Phoenix Tower, it stands on the northeast corner of the city walls.


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I had relatives there as a child and then a friend from art school who I’m still in touch with. On of the “best” memories was as part of group of art school students in a Chester cinema to see the first ever Star Trek film. Someone had told me the plot so I announced in a load voice, “it’s Voyager 7” or whatever space probe it was. Half the cinema groaned.

Sorry Sue, I liked your emojis and this stupid WordPress app un-liked them. I’m starting to get frustrated with the WordPress app. If I like a comment it reverts back to not having been liked after a while. I opened a ticket with the developers about another issue and every time they contact me the app crashes when I try opening the message.

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OK, I use iPads mostly these days, although I do have an iMac too. Before I replaced my old iPad, which was 7 years old, I had quite a few issues, so I’m sure it was an issue with the old OS, because touch wood things are happier now.

I had considered that so I spent half a day using my older tablet with an older version of the app installed and I was still having problems viewing posts in the reader portion of the app. So now I’m wondering if that issue is more connected to our WiFi and/or internet connection. Canada has expensive telecommunications and mostly crappy service so I can’t expect any help from our ISP. Their standard response seems to be ‘you’re out in the wilds, what do you expect’

No, not good. The mobile phone companies are better than the land line companies because there’s more competition but out in rural areas the mobile phone companies just provide phone coverage. We’re to far from anywhere that can do high speed wireless internet over the mobile phone networks.

That is a beautiful city with a mixture of Roman and Medieval construction. I love the capture of the narrow walkway along the wall especially.

Thanks Amy. I had a couple of shots of the walkway with different towers but thought it could get a bit repetitive so I picked one.

Thanks Tina. I didn’t realise how much of the Roman and Medieval walls had been “messed with” until I did some research to check my captions.

Thanks Ann-Christine. The clock is a well known tourist attraction. That section of the city walls is all much more recent than some parts as they widened the Medieval gateway and made the new gateway into a bridge so you can walk over the top of it.

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