Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts: Celebration

The first thought that came to mind when I read the Weekly Prompts: Celebration challenge was fireworks, more specifically Canada Day fireworks.

I suspect they came to mind because this winter I have been digitizing my slide archives and have recently made digital copies of two sets of Canada Day firework photos.


Weekly Prompts: Celebration

The 1999 Canada Day fireworks on Monument Hill, Punnichy, Saskatchewan.


Weekly Prompts: Celebration

The 2007 Canada Day fireworks on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton, Ontario.


Weekly Prompts: Celebration

The 2017 Canada Day fireworks at Bluewater Park, Wiarton, Ontario.


4 replies on “Weekly Prompts: Celebration”

Thanks Sue. It seemed an appropriate celebration and also brought back memories of summer, Canada Day is the 1st July. It’s not been a bad winter for snow and cold temperatures but it’s been dark and grey a most of the time so thoughts of summer help.

Yes. I’ve been hearing this. I think the dark shorter days are getting a few people down.

Here in Yorkshire it’s the constant rain. Roll on Spring!

I suspect that part of my problem is that after getting hurt falling off a ladder last spring I’m a lot more cautious getting out in the snow and ice and if it’s heavy going due to snow the screwed back together leg starts playing up. So I’m getting frustrated at not being able to do what I could previous winters.

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