Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Set in Stone

I had a couple of ideas for the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Set in Stone.

Then on Sunday morning I was down at the Colpoy’s Bay shoreline for the sunrise and forgot the ideas I had been considering. I discovered that some of the boulders along the shoreline were heavily encrusted in ice from the waves breaking over them.

So rather than Set in Stone these are Stones Set in Ice.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Set In Stone

I didn’t notice the two black eyes and little button nose until I was editing the photo.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Set In Stone

No sign of anything watching me in this photo.


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In Nederland is het ontzettend nat … Nee, de Elfstedentocht zit er dit jaar weer niet in, als je van schaatsen houdt, dan moet je naar Canada gaan of de alpen in Zwitserland …
Hoe gaat het met uw tenen? Veel hete thee drinken, zou ik zeggen. Nog een week en dan is het al maart en die roert zijn staart, april doet wattie wil, in mei leggen alle vogeltjes weer een ei … Amsterdam * maandag 24-2-2020, 11.55 uur … *

I hadn’t noticed that, I suspect that I was to busy looking for a pair of eyes in the second after spotting the eyes in the first.

Yes, I was quite impressed. Especially as the bay had started freezing until a few days ago so there wouldn’t have been any waves to form the ice.

It had been weeks since I had been down to the shoreline for the sunrise. We don’t seem to have seen much sun recently.

It’s been another strange winter for us. Not a lot of snow and no long cold spells. I don’t know if any of the local snowmobile trails have been open. The section of the bay I took the ice encrusted stones at would normally be frozen at this time of year.

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