Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt

Tina has challenged everyone to a Treasure Hunt for this week’s Lens-Artists Photo Challenge.

It all got a little confusing for me due to various issues unconnected with this blog. In the end I copied and pasted the list of treasure hunt items to a memo as a reminder.

Just to make things even more complicated I also made myself some rules. A set of four photos with two horizontal compositions and two vertical compositions. Also as wide a variety of techniques and subject matter as possible.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt

A frozen marsh at sunset, Little Quill Lake, Saskatchewan. This covers the sunset and the cold items of the treasure hunt. I’m assuming -40 degrees is cold enough.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt

A yellow bicycle in the snow. This covers bicycle and cold on the list of treasure hunt items. Actually, it’s the shadow of a tree on the shed that makes the shot for me.


Weekly Prompts: Home Crafts

Sewing a camera strap. This is for sewing in the list of bonus items.


Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt

A Blue Tit silhouetted against the rising sun. This covers the sunrise and bird items of the treasure hunt.


21 replies on “Lens-Artists Photo Challenge: Treasure Hunt”

Only you would set additional challenges to the challenge David!! Loved all of your choices, especially the bicycle. You’re right, the tree makes the shot. Your closing image shows excellent skills. How on earth did you get that bird to pose directly in front of the sun???

Thanks Tina. The perch was next to a bird table although it was supposed to be a European Robin on the perch. I was using a very long telephoto to get the sun as large as possible in the frame so I was constantly repositioning the tripod as the sun rose to keep everything lined up as best I could. I should add that I skipped a nice double rainbow for the treasure hunt as it was messing with the variety of shots.

Thanks Patti. I ended up skipping some photos because of the rules I had set myself. I had a couple of amusing signs and a double rainbow. I specifically went out yesterday afternoon to get the yellow bicycle in the snow as my other shots of it were from last summer.

Thanks Ann-Christine. I was rather shocked that I had most of the Treasure Hunt items on file. That’s why I set myself some rules to make it more of a challenge.

I had a double rainbow but decided not to use it because it would have meant two scenic photos. I also had two different amusing signs but preferred the bicycle photo. That seems to have been a good choice as the bicycle photo appears to be a favourite.

All amazing images, David. The bird shot is stunning but then so is the sunset (and I would hope -40 is cold enough) and the bicycle with shadows (I agree, the shadows make it sing) and the sewing still life.

Thanks Wendy. I thought it was a clever idea for a photo challenge and fun seeing what you could come up with. My Monochrome Monday post tomorrow was taken for the treasure hunt but not used.

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