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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Junk

When I first read the prompt for the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Junk I didn’t have any ideas.

Then I thought about a bag containing the parts of a zoom lens I took apart some time ago. The lens had a known problem where the ribbon cable controlling the aperture fails. Researching online showed that repaired lenses were still failing so I decided not to get the lens repaired.

I was going to tear the lens down to remove the jammed aperture assembly and reassemble it as a manual lens without an aperture. Well that was the plan, by the time I got deep enough into the lens to release the jammed aperture I knew the lens was never going back together. A modern, auto focus zoom lens is a lot more complex than an old fashioned manual focus prime lens.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Junk


And just for a laugh, the junk lens photographed with a junk lens. The focusing mechanism of my 25mm CCTV lens jammed the first time I used it. Each time I use it I have to play around with it to get it to focus. It’s a pity as the lens produces some interesting swirling around the edges of the frame which I like. By the time I had finished editing in Snapseed it looks like a modern lens photographed using a a wet plate camera in the 1870s.

Tuesday Photo Challenge: Junk


6 replies on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Junk”

Yes. The 25mm CCTV lens is so much fun I’m tempted to order another but keep seeing reviews where people are complaining that they’re falling apart.

Well it was only $30 CDN including shipping from China. I suspect that they’re designed to be screwed onto a CCTV camera and never touched again. Not to be adapted to a mirrorless camera and focused like a normal camera lens.

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