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Friendly Friday: Rails

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Rails.

I had a couple of ideas for the challenge before realising that I had photographed a variety of rails in the local town last year.

Three very different rails from around the town of Wiarton on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario.


A Photo a Week Challenge: Signs

The rails on the front of this abandoned grocery store used to hold the Foodland sign.


October Squares: Stainless Steel Lines

Rails outside the Royal Bank of Canada.


Weekly Prompts: The Street

Rails on the balcony of the Pacific Hotel.


27 replies on “Friendly Friday: Rails”

I have this feeling that I have seen that hotel on a TV show? Although perhaps that was in America? There may be many like the Pacific hotel. In any case, abandoned shopping centre portray an errie Chernobyl-like atmosphere, don’t they? Great interpretation for this week’s prompt. You always come up with something interesting to view.
Thanks, David.

Thanks. I suspect that there’s a lot of old hotels in towns across North American like the Pacific. I don’t know if they’re all struggling to survive the way the Pacific is although I suspect many could be the way businesses in smalls towns struggle to survive these days.

Our local town isn’t really a tourist destination despite what the local council would like to believe. It’s on a tourist route to northern Ontario so the various motels either side of town do much more business than an old fashioned hotel in town.

It is a shame that some towns are bypassed in favour of the bigger cities. I wonder if your town might need to reinvent itself with something special that draws visitors?

It keeps trying. The main problem is that the vast majority of tourists are only in the area because is because the town is on the highway north where they can catch a ferry across Lake Huron in the summer. So there’s little incentive to stop unless it’s just for a coffee or gas.

A shame indeed. Some country towns here have made new and original festivals that bring outsiders to them once or twice a year. It brings a temporary economic injection, and some minimal migration.

They have one forecasting the end of winter in early February so it’s never really taken off as the weather can be so bad. A T.V. show was supposed to be doing a report on it a few years ago but it never happened as the weather was so bad some of the roads were closed.

There’s no train tracks left in this part of Ontario. The old station building in the local town is now a tourist information centre. In Southampton, Ontario where I used to live the route of the tracks is now a cycle/jogging path.

You wouldn’t know there used to be a track in the local town if it wasn’t for the old station building. I’ve no idea where the line ran, all signs have disappeared long ago.

That’s probably more reliable than asking people. I commented on an old photo of a church in my home town in Cheshire that someone posted on a Facebook group. There was railings around it and I asked if they went in the Second World War for the war effort. Apparently they did or they didn’t depending on which comment is correct. Some people claiming they were still there in the 1960s.

Thanks Becky. I’m surprised that didn’t get filtered out as spam. It seems as if most of the comments with links in them get rerouted to the spam folder.

The worst part of it is that I can’t just mass delete the contents of the spam folder in case there’s something in there that isn’t spam.

It seems to be another WordPress gremlin. There was another app update on this tablet recently and now sometimes it won’t load notifications. It just sits there with an empty page and the spinning “loading” icon although nothing is loading.

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