One Word Sunday


This is my contribution to the One Word Sunday prompt Communication.

I very briefly considered smartphones, tablets and laptops before thinking of the various forms of communication in the animal kingdom. Territorial displays and courtship displays came to mind.

Then I got thinking about the times I have communicated with other species.


One Word Sunday: Communication

This Raccoon wandered into the yard one afternoon when I was outside photographing birds. I told it that it could stay as long as it left the bird feeders alone, which it did.


One Word Sunday: Communication

An American Red Squirrel in the yard getting upset with another Red Squirrel and looking at me when I told it to calm down. The Squirrel appears to have a Tick attached between the right foreleg and its body. Something I didn’t notice at the time when I was lying in the grass.


One Word Sunday: Communication

Finally, two forms of communication in one photo. This is a utility pole carrying telephone lines. The marks on the pole are where a Black Bear has used it to sharpen its claws, communicating its territory to other bears.


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Thanks Susan. Black Bears also scent mark their territories so it probably rubbed its back all over the pole. Any hair left behind would have been gathered up by nesting birds as the marks were a couple of years old when I photographed them.

You obviously have better luck communicating with animals. They don’t seem to listen to me when I ask them to hold still while I get a photo! I like the pole photo – so many ways to communicate in the world.

Part of the secret is living in an area popular with tourists and holidaymakers. They get used to noise and people being around. I suspect that’s why we’re seeing more Raccoons during the day when they’re normally nocturnal. I will have to check but I think that the utility pole has been replaced with a new one.

Thanks Hannah. I was probably 12 to 15 feet from the Raccoon as that’s typically the sort of distance I photograph birds from when set up in the yard.

It’s all a bit disorganised around here. As we live in a rural area self isolation and social distancing is fairly easy but when we go into town to grocery shop the shelves are empty. The schools are off for an extra two weeks after the March break but that seems awfully short compared to other countries.

Yes, shopping is difficult. And yes, that is a short short time for the schools to be closed. Many of the school systems in the states will probably be closed through the end of the year, especially in those areas hardest hit. My grandchildren are only 4 ½ and 7, so for them to have schools closed for that length of time is not a big deal. As a retired 5th grade teacher, it’s far more concerning to me for those students who are 5th grade and above. Making up the curriculum content in those grades is more problematic.

I think officially it’s a 4 week shutdown in the U.K. but people are expecting it to be the end of the school year over there.

Part of the problem around here is people are coming up to their holiday cottages and trailers to self isolate but there’s not enough supplies getting through for the residents let alone others.

Oh dear. I’m sorry David. I assume there’s no way for you guys to order food and supplies over the phone (or on line), and then drive in to pick it up?

We could order online for pick up but not from the nearest town. There’s only one grocery store locally and they’re more interested in gouging the tourists and holidaymakers than serving the local community. Even their own staff drive to the city to shop. We go to the city for a big grocery shop every two weeks.

Other than little or no supplies for some items things haven’t been to bad. We’ll have to see what it’s like at the end of the week. Ontario shuts down at midnight tomorrow.

I hope you have stocked up before the shutdown. Although here in shut down California, we are still allowed to go out for necessities such as groceries and necessary medication and doctors’ appointments. And grocery store employees are considered “Necessary Workers” so those stores are open. I do worry about how they are managing to stay safe, though. For themselves and their families.

We haven’t managed to stock up on a few things as there’s not been bread or milk on the shelves. It’s all a bit disorganised as usual in Ontario. They announced the shut down early afternoon but aren’t giving details until tomorrow.

I have photos taken from a few feet away, partly because I had a portrait lens on the camera on that occasion. This is a tourist/holiday area so they get used to people being around in the summer.

I’d been thinking about taking my new portrait lens down to our building’s garden and learning to use it on flowers, since we can’t get close enough to people to try it out.

I was probably doing something similar with my portrait lens for it to be on the camera when I was sitting outside and the Raccoon arrived.

This was one of the most engaging posts I’ve read in awhile. Great images and well structured!
This is the kind of content I love!
Thanks for sharing 😄

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