Cosmic Photo Challenge

Cosmic Photo Challenge: Inside

Having spent a lot of my spare time digitising my slide archives over the winter the Cosmic Photo Challenge: Inside was rather well timed.

I now have digital copies of most of the nestbox interiors documenting the nesting cycle of various hole nesting species. So here’s the inside of three different nestboxes and three different species using them.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Inside

An adult Eurasian Blue Tit feeding young. The adult has an unidentified insect in its bill.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Inside

A male House Sparrow feeding young.


Cosmic Photo Challenge: Inside

Juvenile Great Tits begging for food having just heard an adult land at the nestbox entrance hole. Occasionally the adults will take a break from the constant feeding to feed themselves and do some feather maintenance. As a result, all the young are hungry when feeding resumes.


14 replies on “Cosmic Photo Challenge: Inside”

Thanks Dale. It was an obvious choice for me as I started posting the full sequence of the Blue Tits on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago

Amazing pictures. It’s wonderful to get such good photos of the young birds and the nest activity without disturbing the birds, always a priority. Great job!

Thanks Sue. They were an obvious choice for the challenge as I started posting the full nesting cycle on my Facebook page a couple of weeks ago.

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