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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Connect

I had a couple of ideas for the Tuesday Photo Challenge – Connect.

I went with the following idea because there’s two types of connection involved.

The first is a channel connecting a marsh to a section of the Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area in Saskatchewan, Canada.

The second is the connection between the birds and the photographer. It was a hot summer afternoon and my options were to lie in the hot sun on the edge of the channel or sit in the water with the birds. After I had been sitting in the water for a while the birds got used to me being there and pretty much ignored me. That’s the sort of connection you want, the birds behaving naturally as if you weren’t there.


Tuesday Photo Challenge - Connect

The reason for me sitting in the water, a flock of American White Pelicans fishing in a channel where a marsh drains into a section of the lake.


Tuesday Photo Challenge - Connect

I noticed that I was also sharing the channel with a Red-necked Grebe.


Tuesday Photo Challenge - Connect

After a while the Pelicans would swim out of the current in the channel and paddle past me back to the start.


Tuesday Photo Challenge - Connect

The Grebe also got used to my presence in the water and would surface anywhere around me after a dive.


20 replies on “Tuesday Photo Challenge – Connect”

oh wow what a brilliant way to keep call, and such a fabulous experience too . . . I’d have been worried about doing something daft with my camera though!

I was using my big telephoto on a tripod. I set up the tripod in the water and made sure it was stable before mounting the lens. I have had a camera and lenses submerged in the past (1985).

You just tuck the bottom of your trousers into your socks. There was lots of ticks in places in Saskatchewan. I once stopped counting after killing 20 on me.

I must have killed hundreds but only ever had two attached and sucking blood. What’s more scary is that I never take precautions in Ontario and then spotted a tick on a photo of a Squirrel taken in our yard while I was lying in the grass.

Must admit our cat regularly brings them back where I am in Winchester, but I don’t really think about it when I am in the garden!

If I recall correctly they don’t carry as many diseases in Ontario compared to the ones in Saskatchewan. I think Lymes disease is the only one they carry in Ontario. There was one or two more in Saskatchewan, Rocky Mountain spotted fever being the one I remember.

Yup only Lymes here, but Hampshire is a hotspot for it so guess I should be more cautious . . however we are pretty sure there is a hidey hole where he gets them so I don’t go there unless in long trousers and boots!

They prefer long grass, hanging out close to the top of the leaves/seed heads. I suspect a lot attach themselves at shin height so having you trousers tucked into your socks only stops the low level ones.

Thank you. That’s the full frame. In the past I had cropped it to panoramic view losing some of the water and bank behind the birds.

It must be a good fishing spot for them but I don’t know why. From what I remember there was a sluice gate controlling the flow of water out of the marsh. Unless there was lots of fish coming over the sluice gate in which case the fish could be stunned and easier to catch.

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