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Friendly Friday: Yellow

When I read the prompt for the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Yellow one subject came to mind immediately.

For the past few years I have been photographing a giant yellow butterfly garden ornament on my walks around the neighborhood. I briefly considered going with a small selection of photos of the decorative butterfly until remembering two more yellow objects I have photographed on my walks this month.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Yellow

The butterfly taken with a telephoto lens and given a selective colour treatment.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Yellow

A yellow bicycle decorating a shed.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Yellow

A yellow road sign in the snow.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Yellow

The butterfly taken with a wide angle lens making use of a blue sky.


20 replies on “Friendly Friday: Yellow”

The butterfly is an unusual ornament, but pretty cool. Sitting There on the tree. Do you know how it got there?
What does the road sign actually mean? I was curious about and many thanks for joining in on Friendly Friday.

It one of three on trees along a neighbours driveway, there’s also a red one and a blue one. A lot of the places around here are empty from mid autumn until mid spring so I wander around the neighborhood making sure everything looks okay. The road sign means that you have to turn left or right, you can’t go straight. Although if you turn right you’re on a narrow gravel road that is a dead end and may or may not be passable depending on the time of year and the vehicle you’re driving.

Sounds like you have to know where you are going in those woods! And I feel sure the neighbours really appreciate you checking on their premises to see all is ok.

The track through the trees you can see behind the road sign is what they call a road allowance. If it’s decided at some point that there needs to be a road connecting that junction to County Road 9 to the east there’s already land set aside for it.

There’s quite a few undeveloped road allowance around the area. Some are used by people on quad bikes in the winter. Strangely they’re not very good walking trails. They can trap and hold snow in the winter and the moisture from the snow means that they quickly get overgrown.

Ooh, I know so little about life in wintry countries. Just as well I live in the subtropics! I would get stuck on some backtrail in the snow, for sure !

We got very little snow over winter but it was probably a foot deep in the photo. Some winters it’s probably 3 feet deep. I suppose you could used snow shoes or cross-country skies to navigate them but since my accident last year I struggle walking normally in a few inches of snow.

Oh you must me pine for snow! I love walking around in the snow with snow shoes. As awkward as they are. I love that sound underfoot! I was really born in the wrong atmosphere. Have you noticed any gradual decline in snow over the years, or is it too variable to see a pattern?

It’s been too variable over the last decade. We never seem to get similar winters anymore. Seven or eight years ago we got twice the normal amount of snow. Five or six years ago we didn’t get much snow but it was so cold that the water mains were freezing in towns and cities. Last winter we had snow on 1st November but we got regular thaws so the snow never got very deep. It was mild enough that the local bay didn’t freeze so no ice fishing and some of the snowmobile trails never opened.

If you ignore the winter that was cold enough to be freezing the water mains the recent one’s may have been warmer but I get the impression that they’ve also been longer. We seem to get snow in November that hangs around nowadays. Everyone used to say November snow would thaw and that it wouldn’t stick around until Christmas but people don’t say it anymore.

I’m wondering if I keep photographing it because it’s a bright colour in what seems to have been a grey and dull winter and early spring.

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