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April Squares: On Top of the Ragwort

This is my day one contribution to Becky’s April Squares with a theme of Top.

A pair of Common Red Soldier Beetles mating on top of Ragwort flowers in a Cheshire garden.

April Squares: Top


15 replies on “April Squares: On Top of the Ragwort”

Thanks Jo. There’s wasn’t really any planning to start of the month, it was just the first square I had ready. I’m not very well organised at the moment, especially compared to January Squares.

I hadn’t considered it that way. I had to Google the Ragwort as there’s a plant called Ragweed in North America and I got confused by the names.

I think I got confused about the name of Ragwort as where I come from in England it’s pronounced “ragwhart” which sounds slightly silly when I listen to it being pronounced in my head.

ooh hope they didn’t mind you catching them on top of each other!! Brilliant shot, and fabulous interpretation for your opening square.

Thanks Becky. I did, very briefly, consider going for a month of mating species as it’s spring but decided that would quickly become repetitive.

Oh, I may be slipping the odd one in. There’s one that’s a follow-up to a January Square when I did a week of flight photos.

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