Squares Challenge

April Squares: On Top of the Ridge

This is my day two contribution to Becky’s April Squares: Top photo challenge.

Note. We lost our internet connection yesterday afternoon. I’m posting this using the phone as a WiFi hotspot. This maybe my last blog post for a while.

The ridge in the title refers to the Mid Cheshire Ridge, a line of low sandstone hills sticking out of the Cheshire plain. This section of the ridge is Bickerton Hill, or southern Bickerton Hill according to Wikipedia. The northern Bickerton Hill referenced by Wikipedia was always known as Raw Head by everyone I knew who walked the hills.


April Squares: On Top of the Ridge

I had gone to Bickerton Hill to photograph the autumn colour and was walking along the edge of the ridge when I noticed the frozen puddle on the sandstone ledge. I framed the photo with the puddle at the bottom with the top of the frame looking down into a valley below.


11 replies on “April Squares: On Top of the Ridge”

Thanks Sue. It was the juxtaposition that made me take (originally) a vertical and horizontal version. Both of which sat in my slide files until the winter when I started digitising them. Just over 24 hours for the internet. I’m amazed considering the disorganised state Ontario is in at the moment.

Thanks Sue. We’ll have to see if it continues working. I seem to recall something similar a couple of years ago when it didn’t stay fixed and it was down for days the second time. I was driving into town to use the various WiFi hotspots but that’s not allowed now.

Thanks Hannah. I get the impression that the provincial government is introducing some rules just so they’re seen to be doing something while the important things like extending the state of emergency is being done with reluctance. Yesterday they put a fire ban in place for the whole province. But they closed all the federal and provincial parks and campsites days ago which is where groups of people would have been sitting around fire pits.

Sounds very much like our federal government at the moment. The governors of the states and the mayors of the cities are very much the heroes here, but there are some things that only can be done at the federal level, and it’s just not happening.

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