Month of Squares

April Squares: Resting on Top of the Ice

This is my contribution to day four of Becky’s April Squares: Top photo challenge.

A group of Mallard patiently waiting for the ice to melt on a frozen reservoir in south Cheshire.

April Squares: On Top of the Ice


9 replies on “April Squares: Resting on Top of the Ice”

That’s what seems odd. They were obviously not hungry or they would have left. It seems even odder nowadays having got used to the wildfowl heading south when the lakes and bays start to freeze in Canada. I suppose they’re not using any energy just sitting or standing there.

But they still must be hungry, I would think! And I didn’t know mallards could survive in such cold – in our moderate climate, they only arrive in the spring.

Sorry Hannah, quick reply. We’ve lost our internet connection again and I’m using the cell phone as a WiFi hotspot. Probably hungry but not using any energy. They wouldn’t know how far they would have to fly to find open water.

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