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Friendly Friday: Re-imagine Orange

This is my contribution to the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Re-imagine Orange.

I thought about some of the various species of flora and fauna with Orange in their common English names. That’s when I discovered that orange wasn’t very common in species English names and that one of the photos in my archives with orange in the name was incorrect. What I had captioned Orange Marigold is more correctly known as Pot Marigold.


Friendly Friday: Re-imagine Orange

Center of a Pot Marigold after rain. Photographed in Hatherton, Cheshire, England and captioned Orange Marigold by me.


Friendly Friday: Re-imagine Orange

A male Orange Tip Butterfly feeding on Bluebells in a garden in Faddiley, Cheshire, England.


Friendly Friday: Re-imagine Orange

Orange Daylilies photographed on the South Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada. I wouldn’t be surprised if these aren’t classified as an invasive species in the future. Originally an Asian species I have seen them growing in various wild locations in Ontario.


6 replies on “Friendly Friday: Re-imagine Orange”

Lovely pictures of orange David. I’m glad that you discovered something new in the challenge. Personally, I prefer the name Orange marigold to Pot marigold 🙂

Thanks Sandy. I’m wondering if the name was changed some time after I captioned the slide in the 1980s because the scientific name is the same as I have written on the slide mount. With the advances in DNA testing a lot of species are being reclassified with either the common English name and/or the scientific name being changed. A large percentage of my bird photos now have old, incorrect captions.

Now isn’t that interesting. I never thought of DNA testing in the context of species classification. It makes sense. It’s just not an area that I have any experience with. Something else for me to learn, especially when I get out of the city.

To be honest it’s a nightmare for someone like me with thousands of photos of hundreds of species. In some cases both the scientific and common English names are changed. Some bird species now have different names if I photographed them in North America or Europe. Even the expert’s can’t agree on the classification of the North American race of Herring Gull. One of the European races of Herring Gull is no longer a Herring Gull according to some classifications.

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