One Word Sunday


This is my contribution to One Word Sunday: What?

It’s the answer to my Six Word Saturday post yesterday when I asked ‘Does anyone know what this is?

It was the side of a thimble.

One Word Sunday: What?


Weekly Prompts: Home Crafts


7 replies on “What?”

Thanks Jackie. The background is a pine sideboard someone painted (very badly) semi gloss black. It was just a cheap cupboard but I’ve grown to like the rough top as a background.

I was sewing a camera strap but in reality the what is the answer to my Six Word Saturday post asking if anyone could identify the object in the photo which was the side of the thimble.

Okay thanks. It’s all a bit disorganised here at the moment having lost our internet connection twice in four days and then it mysteriously starting to work again this evening.

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