Monthly Squares

April Squares: Looking up at the Autumn Tops

This is my day six contribution to Becky’s April Squares: Top photo challenge.

Looking up at the autumn leaves on the South Bruce Peninsula. Taken with a fisheye lens although that’s not obvious because there’s very little of the distortion visible with the lens pointing almost straight up.

April Squares: Looking up at the Tops


8 replies on “April Squares: Looking up at the Autumn Tops”

In the 12 years we have lived in the area I only remember two years when the weather cooperated. Normally if the colour is good the wind and rain/snow is knocking the leaves off. I decided that some of the popular tourist destinations for the autumn colour must be gluing the leaves on.

Thanks Becky. I was going to change my square for today after you went with tree tops yesterday but with no internet connection yesterday and not trusting it to stay connected at the moment I decided to leave it.

Sounds sensible . . such a nuisance for you the internet problems. I am so thankful ours is ok, think I’d go stir crazy without it at moment, especially as it is the only way we can shop

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