Month of Squares

April Squares: Singing from the Top of the Cattail

This is my day seven contribution to Becky’s April Squares: Top photo challenge.

After posting autumn tree tops for the challenge yesterday I considered a sequence of tree squares but thought that may get repetitive. As I have a few bird squares for April and not having posted a bird species yet I thought it was time for a bird.


April Squares: Singing from the Top of the Cattail

A male Yellow-headed Blackbird singing from the top of a Cattail to proclaim his territory having recently arrived in Saskatchewan for the summer.


18 replies on “April Squares: Singing from the Top of the Cattail”

They’re not related to the European Blackbird which is actually a species of Thrush. Yellow-headed Blackbirds are members of the Icterid family, a New World group of birds. Quite a few of the Icterid family are predominantly black with red, orange or yellow patches of plumage.

Don’t get me started on that. Half the early settlers must have been colour blind as well as getting species confused. And now just to add to the confusion biologists are DNA testing everything and species are being reclassified with either a common English and/or a scientific name change.

oops sorry!! The DNA testing is fascinating isn’t it, they are doing it with flora too and so things are switching families there too. Most confusing!

I stopped trying to calculate what percentage of the common English names and scientific names were now wrong on the thousands of captions on slide mounts. It’s a good thing that you no longer submit film originals because of all the wrong names on the captions. One of my most published species, the Blue Tit is now the Eurasian Blue Tit with a new scientific name.

There’s quite a few bird species that signify spring in Ontario but none of them are very accurate. We often get more snow and frost after some of the summer birds are back. Some obviously time their return by the hours of daylight rather than weather conditions.

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