Monthly Squares

April Squares: STOP sign

This is my contribution to day 10 of Becky’s April Squares: Top photo challenge.

Another note. We lost our internet connection again yesterday afternoon so I don’t trust it to continue working.

A STOP sign on the South Bruce Peninsula.

April Squares: STOP sign


30 replies on “April Squares: STOP sign”

Actually, to be honest that shot was taken for last week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Hope. I was going to spell the word out in 4 photos. But the post got no further than a few photos because we lost our internet connection for the first time.

We just lost our internet connection again for 20 minutes. Now it’s back I’m trying to get as much as possible done as I expect to lose it again this afternoon. I suspect that the local network is getting overloaded and a server down the line starts refusing connections.

We don’t have to many options living out in the bush and Bell Canada’s idea of customer service is to offer the rental of a stick to hit yourself with for being stupid enough to expect customer service.

And I’m wondering if I have a shot of two Horned Grebes (Slavonian Grebe in Britain) where one is mid dive. I know I have mid dive but don’t remember if the second bird is in the photo.

Actually I was trying to come up with water birds that weren’t swans, geese or ducks. Plus summer plumage Horned Grebe are very colourful.

I am sure they are! I like crested grebes and may even have a photo of one, but I daresay they are not the same as horned ones. I was winking there in case you can’t tell. 😧

OK. Just didn’t want to think I was being rude. It’s the Yorkshire humour I’m afraid. Always getting me in trouble. And you do have some marvellous bird photos.

I’m well known for a wierd sense of humour. I got kicked off a Saskatchewan Facebook group for posting photos of remote locations where there wasn’t another human being for miles and making a joke about social distancing. I’m working on a little known bird species with a unique feeding technique for tomorrow’s square. It’s going to need quite a lot of explaining.

You have my sympathies with the broadband and good luck wishes that it will be fixed. Perhaps you should post a Go sign for some of the sympathetic magic they say our ancestors used. Mine broke the other night, and I got up the next day, trying to brace myself to call to get it fixed, but it had come back on again overnight.

It’s reconnected overnight the last two times it quit. I’m beginning to think that the network overloads in the afternoon and a server down the line starts refusing connections.

I saw yours and was going to comment when our internet connection died again. At the moment I don’t know if I’m going to be online from one minute to the next.

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