Weekly Prompts

Weekly Prompts: Boundaries

The Weekly Prompts: Boundaries challenge got me thinking about the variable boundaries wild birds and animals put between themselves and humans.

The reason I say variable is because most species will keep their distance from humans. The more erratic and noisy the behaviour of the human the wider the boundary between them.

On the other hand, some understanding of animal behaviour and some fieldcraft will allow you to get within a few feet of many species. I have had wild birds and mammals approach me so closely that I couldn’t focus the lens I was using on them.


Weekly Prompts: Boundaries

Portrait of a female Wilson’s Phalarope taken at Middle Quill Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. A flock of six Wilson’s Phalaropes landed close to me when I was photographing some American White Pelicans. I laid down in the sand and wildfowl poop at the edge of the lake and proceeded to spend some time with them. When I was lying down the birds started ignoring me. This female was so close I couldn’t get all her body in the frame. Some of the birds wandered so close I couldn’t focus on them.


Friendly Friday: Funny Furry Friends

This European Rabbit was photographed in Shropshire, England. I was surprised how relaxed some Rabbits were at this location. I know there was a Red Fox hunting them. I did wonder if they were so  relaxed because they knew that the Fox wouldn’t be around if there was a human in the area.


Cee's Fun Foto Challenge: Letter K

A juvenile Red Knot resting on the Lake Huron shoreline in Southampton during its autumn migration. I had gone down to the shoreline for the sunrise and discovered two Red Knot. I spent long enough with them that they started ignoring me allowing me to photograph them feeding, bathing, preening and resting.


Friendly Friday Photo Challenge: Christmas Preparations

This Eastern Chipmunk was photographed in our yard in Ontario, Canada. The various birds and mammals got so used to me lying in the grass that summer that they started ignoring me. I had Chipmunks running across my legs while squirrels and birds landed in the Cedar branches a few feet away checking out the human in the grass.


15 replies on “Weekly Prompts: Boundaries”

Your patience paid off in these photos. It is interesting how animals figure stuff out, like the rabbits in your photo. I’m always surprised, and happy, how much closer fish will allow me to approach when I’m snorkeling in areas where fishing is banned.

I didn’t realise how many photos of the rabbits I had until I started digitizing my slide archives. I’ve got photos of them scratching, stretching and feeding. They were obviously not bothered about me being there.

Maybe although I suspect that it’s more to do with my bad memory. I was looking for a photo of a Turkey Vulture and I was convinced that it was flying left to right. It turned out that it was flying right to left.

Thanks Sue. I was considering using photos from 2018 when I spent so much time in the yard most of the regular birds and mammals were ignoring me but in the end decided to go with a wider range of subjects.

I just picked shots where I remembered feeling lucky that the bird or mammal had accepted my presence and was carrying on as normal a few yards or even feet away.

That’s what’s so nice about wildlife, they don’t care if it’s some big, scary looking guy with a shaved head as long as they don’t feel threatened.

Hair loss runs in both sides of the family and when I had a job where I was constantly changing shifts in the early 2000s it got shorter and shorter so that a quick wipe and it was dry. Then I returned to England and my father’s first words to me were “I’m surprised they let you on the plane looking like that” as his comb over whipped about in the wind. After that I started shaving it.

My seventeen-year-old grandson has just started a new trend among his friends. Seeing as he couldn’t get a hair cut he shaved it all off saying No one will see it anyway. Then he posted a picture on Facebook and all his friends followed suit! He looks just like my son-in-law now!

I occasionally grow it out to see how bald I am. Surprisingly what there is comes in quite dark while my beard grows in almost white.

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