Square Months

April Squares: Standing on Top of a Lens

This is my day 12 contribution to Becky’s April Squares: Top photo challenge.

A European Robin standing on top of a lens.

April Squares: On Top of the Lens


13 replies on “April Squares: Standing on Top of a Lens”

oh wow what a fabulous shot . . . we have a very tame robin in our front garden at the moment, but even so I have no chance of capturing anything as glorious as this

You’ve obviously never noticed my user picture/avatar. You don’t really need a very tame robin. You just position the lens so the birds use it as a perch before dropping onto the food below.

I do have an older shot where a tame robin genuinely landed on my 300mm lens looking for a hand out. So I recreated the shot with my 600mm at a different location with a different robin.

If you have something like a patio umbrella try setting up under it. The robin shouldn’t have a problem going under it but the pigeons may.

Thanks Susan. I keep thinking about setting up a similar shot here in Ontario but none of the North American species we get have the character of a Robin.

Hello David,
I immediately noticed this is the same photo from your wonderful avatar. This robin must have been quite a charming fellow. I hope you are staying well.

Kind regards,

Thanks. If I recall correctly there was a dish with food in below the lens so the robin would land on the lens and drop onto the food below.

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